Monday, 19 November 2012

The Rubus Experiments, pt. 2

I'll be setting this one up tomorrow.  Broadly the same set-up as for Rubus 1, but with different variables:

Windowsill 'Tilly' (my bedroom)

  • Hot
  • Average humidity
  • Maximum direct Sun
Windowsill 'Tom' (dining room)
  • Hot
  • Very dry
  • High Sun
Windowsill 'Tiny' (living room)
  • Warm
  • Average humidity
  • Minimum direct Sun
Windowsill 4 (Rubus 1 group)
  • Coolest, though warm still
  • Most humid
  • Second-highest direct Sun
From Rubus 1, only Milo and Doodle will be involved in Rubus 2.

Further updates will now be found at

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