Monday, 14 January 2013

In Pictures: MugGate!

This is what happens when the same bunch of activists are cooped up together in the same place for too long. If they don't get new blood, new ideas, the occasional voice of reason, they start to get a bit... sidetracked. Next thing you know it's "OMG there are TOO MANY MUGS!"

  This is a real conversation that I was involved in.  I'm "Bill Door" below:

  It's funnier with rum.  

Update:  I've since been banned from Occupy London for "flaming".  Apparently it's now offensive to point out that we've got bigger things to worry about than mugs.  


  1. Just to continue the conversation to it's final conclusion... screenshots of it's final words are here...

  2. That is one of the most utterly ridiculous bits of internet I have ever seen. It's almost entirely hilarious, except for the bit where you realise that this group is trying to lead the way in campaigning for social change and raising awareness of the problems in our society....

    1. That's their stated purpose. So why all the mugs?