Thursday, 4 October 2012

Strawberry Topping

So George and I went to the garden centre.  I returned with a sackful of bark, and he was sitting atop some garden supplies.

Strawberries are hardy plants, but they fare better over Winter if they're bedded in all snug and warm.  Many people - myself included - have presumed that they're called strawberries because you mulch them in straw.  Language Geek reckons that's bunk, and that straw is an evolution of strew, from the way strawberries lie about.  Here's my strawbs so far:

I added bark mulch first, straw mulch second:

And Bill was very curious about all the new barley straw in the garden:

This week I've been revisiting Ashes by pianist CN Lester.  A dark album, but then it is the Autumn now.  I'm also reading Arbroath, to feed my inner misanthrope it's daily dose of human stupidity.  

I'll be weeding the arable side again over the weekend, ready for the first lot of veg at the end of January.  They'll have to be enclosed, that cloche to the frost.  I've not done with the puns yet, because I got a new thingamabob for disposing of weeds and kitchen waste.  It's not the genuine process of peat formation, it's a mere composter...  No more puns - Ed.

330L, £13 new from Townmead Road Depot, bargain!


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