Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Your input is wanted.

My garden is on the North side of the house.  This means that the soil gets full sun for more of the year as it gets further from the back wall. On the arable (East) side fence I want to paint four diagonal lines, showing the line of full direct sun.

The blue line I'll paint at Noon on the Winter Solstice,
The green line I'll paint at Noon on the Spring Equinox
The yellow line I'll paint at Noon on the Summer Solstice,
The orange line I'll paint at Noon on the Autumn Equinox.

I think it'll be useful and will also look kinda cool.  In my head it'll tie my garden in with the passing of the seasons.

Is there a better way of doing this?  Can I make it look better?  Your input is most welcome.


  1. There's probably some awful maths that you could use, but I think I'd be tempted to go for the first-hand data collection. Just make sure you're not doing anything on those days!!

    1. Working days from home at the mo so it shouldn't be an issue. I tend to work out of the house at night, on account of I don't get a lot of paid day gigs come my way.