Monday, 3 December 2012

Chemistry in the kitchen

I make no assertion that this test is foolproof, nor can I accept responsibility for any gardening errors made based on the results of testing your soil this way.  Please dispose of the end products carefully and responsibly.  Always wash your hands before and after Chemistry.


  1. Well that's going to make things awkward! Any idea whether it's possible to obtain cobalt for the soil and if there's a safe amount? I remember Sam killing broccoli seedlings with copper for her A2 coursework.

    Unrelated fact, we own the same brand and colour of toaster.

    1. Anything's possible to obtain. If I can't buy it in a ready-to-use form then I'll get hold of a stone which contains cobalt and grind it. If I can buy it ready to use then I guess the instructions will be on the box. Though a ten minute Googling is in order just because you've got me curious now.

      As for the toaster: that's kinda weird but kinda cool, I guess.

    2. Okay, minimum level found in soils is 0.1ppm, average is 8ppm, Rhizobium works fine at 8ppm, LD50 for plants is 40ppm. No trouble :)