Monday, 24 December 2012

If you read nothing else today...

It's about the terms of service you agree to when using services on the internet.  All the crap they hope you won't bother to read.  This site distils it down into the points you really need to know.

Meanwhile, it's Christmas Eve.  By tradition we have a big fry-up for breakfast, and the pets get any leftover sausage.  We don't make a habit of feeding them unhealthy food, but they get a little treat at Xmas.  Suffice it to say that Bill and George are strutting about just now like the cat that learned to operate dairy machinery.

I leave you with this gem from the internet:

I'm gonna go drink Shuck under the table.  Nollaig mhaith chugat, as my granny would say, and the best of the season to ya!

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