Tuesday, 16 April 2013


The Boston Marathon was bombed yesterday.  It isn't known who did it or why.  I'm not going to jump on the Islamophobic bandwagon because it's just as likely the Marathon was bombed by domestic right-wing extremists.  It probably wasn't ecoterrorists, though I've heard of more bombings in the US by ecoterrorists than by Islamic extremists.  Whoever did it is scum, anybody who bombs civilians is irredeemable scum, but calling it an Islamist plot (I've already been hearing mutterings to this effect) is grossly premature.

Solidarity to the people of Boston.

Erik Rush, a regular contributor to Fox News, had this to say:
Erik Rush calls for all Muslims to be killed

President Obama doesn't yet know who did it, but Erik Rush does.  He's named his enemy because he knows he can sell a lot of fearmongering articles to Fox on the back of this atrocity in order to profit from the post-9/11 Islamophobia which is borne by many Americans today.  He wants to make his money off of Boston's dead.  There's a term for creatures like him, and that term is carrion fowl.

A news source suggests the bomb is probably domestic.  This doesn't rule out a Muslim as there are plenty of Muslim Americans, but it does make it even more likely that the bomb is the work of some Neo-Nazi or disaffected sociopath.


  1. What a thoroughly unsavoury character. I gather he has now deleted the comments, but deletion doesn't get rid of screenshots!

    Paul and I reached about the same conclusion. We figured an Islamic terrorist cell wouldn't have hesitated to use suicide bombers, in which case the death toll would have been easily 50 times what it was. I'm also wondering if it isn't a coincidence that it was Patriot Day in Massachusetts yesterday.

    1. Mate of mine's brother lives in Boston, thankfully unharmed.