Thursday, 18 April 2013

Little treats

Got the Hobbit today.  I've been sat watching that with cured meat, strong cheese, a lovely ale chutney that I traded Ruth some homemade raspberry jam for the last time I was in Leamington, and the last quarter pint of that matured mead that Neil brought back from Denmark.

Life is good.

It's a tad warm in here, even though the heating claims to be off.  I think that mead might've matured further in the months it's stood on my shelf.  It certainly tastes stronger, and the honey flavour is deeper, sharper, and more complex than a freshly opened bottle of mjød tends to be; in fact it's knocking on for a honey brandy at this point.  I shall have to import a box of bottles and store them in the attic until they're thoroughly dusty.

If you haven't tasted mead yet I implore you to try it.  Once you've fallen in love with it you can move on to sample braggot and metheglin.  Pear, clove, and elderflower metheglin brewed from citrus-fed honey and mountain water, matured until it's strong enough to wake the dead.  I haven't had a drink like that in ten years nearly but I'd walk to John O' Groats for a bottle.

Summer project, methinks.  Anybody got any elderflower they aren't using...?

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