Friday, 15 March 2013

Beds and other news.

So the builders have finished and I'm getting in the first of the raised beds.  I'm putting in four of the main beds, so I'll be growing potatoes, carrots, leeks, onions, garlic, neeps and cabbages.  No photos until it's done because right now it all looks fuck-ugly.

This is being hampered somewhat by the fact that I bashed myself in the hand with a sledgehammer yesterday.  The right hand.  The hand that was holding the sledgehammer.  I'm actually impressed.  It's swollen, turning purple, two fingers are lacerated, but no bones are broken.

Having bugger all else to do this weekend, I'm thinking I'll jump the train down to Egham for a night at the opera, the new one about the Ap-ocalypse.

Until next time.

Edit: apparently my hand's a mess. The joints function but I've got periosteal cracks, weakened tendons, an injured pollical system, the ulnar nerve got banged up pretty good. 4 weeks light duties: no heavy lifting, no heat, no xbox; lest I give myself a crippled hand.


  1. I'm impressed too. That does take a special talent to hit yourself with an object on the hand holding the object.

    Were you able to pick up my e-mail? We'd really love to see you back for the Science Week quiz if you can (a microphone stand can, I'm sure, be arranged so you don't have to use the fucked-up hand).

    1. Replied, I'm in.

      I've changed my plans for the build now and I'm going with pallets. I'm halving 4'x3' pallets to make 4'x18" sides and nailing 2' planks to the ends to make beds of 4'x2'x1.5' high. This is shorter than the 5' beds I'd planned for, so I'm building a 1' wide bed along the fence to grow fruit bushes in, and at the inside end of the beds I'm using the spare foot to plant rosemary bushes at ground level.

      This will involve sawing left-handed. Wish me luck!