Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Roll on the weekend!

So the first of my sledgehammer wounds has healed over, leaving a patch of rough skin.  The second keeps catching things and reopening, but it'll heal eventually.  The bones no longer hurt, though the joints and muscles are still problematic.

Saturday I'm going to Kew again.  Sunday I'm resuming light work in the garden.  Monday I get to pick up the xbox again - Commander Shepard has been at a loss without me!

The care work is at an end thanks to a restructuring of how budgets are assigned - Tory bastards - so I'm looking for work.  Squires, Homebase or Wickes would be ideal for me, but anything's alright.

I've been passing the time by revisiting The Kingkiller Chronicles.  Honestly, there's scarcely such thing as too much of that dodgy little Ruh bastard.  I've also been taking bets on the events of The Doors of Stone, such as:

Lorren is involved with the Amyr,
Meluen is Kvothe's aunt,
Denna dies,
Ambrose kills Simmon in Kvothe's place, Kvothe kills Ambrose,
Kilvin was a boy soldier,
Arwyl sponsors Kvothe to El'the
The plot somehow turns on Elodin.
Not a clue what happens with Wilem, though again I doubt he survives.
Kvothe doesn't manage to kill the Seven.

We shall see.  In the meantime I'll be picking up the second half of A Dance with Dragons shortly.  I've no idea where this one's going so spoilers will be nutted.

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