Wednesday, 15 August 2012


I'd like to introduce you to Mike, my new Laurus nobilis.  He's a very young tree, only 10" tall when I got him a fortnight ago and already he's grown 5".  Admittedly, putting him in a larger pot with half a cup of bonemeal and some decent compost may have helped, as his roots weren't in a great state when I got him.

He's staying on the windowsill for now, until he moves up to a garden-sized pot.  I'm not gonna plant him in the ground because Mediterranean species don't do well in the Winters at this latitude, but he can enjoy the other three seasons outdoors when he's old enough.  Meanwhile, he sits amidst the herb nursery that is the landing windowsill and occasionally makes me think of stews or spag bol.  

In other news: the site of the new lawn has had yet more stones raked out and now some bonemeal raked in, then been heavily watered with a high-nitrogen fertiliser.  When I put down seed in September it should hopefully shoot up like many little green rockets.


  1. Completely failed to check the comments on my gardening blog until you posted this link to the other one! Congratulations on setting up a blog. It's looking good already! Shall I try to acquire a few more followers for you?

    Mike looks nice and healthy. They can grow to quite a large size, which is why they're so good at being pruned and shaped.

  2. Hi, sure, if you know anybody who's interested in semi-arable gardening.

    I'm putting the finishing touches on the strawbrary, so the pics'll go up next week. It's bee-friendly whilst excluding birds and squirrels.