Saturday, 18 August 2012

On the virtues of palletwood.

It's handy stuff, and there's no sniffing at free wood.  Now, there's quite a spread with palletwood in terms of quality, but if you catch it fresh enough then it's alright.  Now, I wouldn't use the stuff for any great structural applications and I sure as hell wouldn't sit on it, but it makes decent side panels for planters and such.

I needed a new tray for the herb nursery, so here's what I've built:
Not fantastic, but the seals are decent and you need to half-fill it with water before it starts leaking.  The stain is Wickes bog-standard woodstain and the white paint was nicked from our Emily's school supplies.  

This runs a serious risk of turning into a carpentry blog.  Are we in favour of the odd how-to-make-X posting?  For damn sure it's more interesting than digging.  

I'll put up a better picture when the light's okay.  Goodnight :)


  1. The lawn has planted itself, probably seed from the old lawn that was shed and got dug in. I've used 7 pallets to make a temporary fence to keep George off the baby grass. Once again, pallets come to the rescue!

  2. I loooooooooooooove old pallets! I have 7, which make up two compost bins; 1, which is my 'decking' on my allotment, and a few to act as stepping stones (read, nowhere else to put them). All nicked from skips!

    1. Ah, the skip is definitely the skint builder's friend! :)