Sunday, 12 August 2012

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  We moved here some dozen years ago, and the garden was a heap.  An insurmountable jungle of weeds and trees.  The path had been rafted over by wind and humus.  There was a rotted old shed full of broken glass and rusted iron.  A shitehole, in short.  We never bothered with it.

More trees sprang up.  One of the two big trees - who knows what species - had two of it's four trunks killed by the ivy plant belonging to the Scumbags-Over-The-Back-Left, (so dubbed because of Mrs. Scumbag's habit of screaming "YOU FUCKING CUNT" whenever she sees me).

So a year ago I thought "sod it, I might as well do something with that garden".  I've since given over the ground on the left side of the path to a lawny-type space, and the ground to the right of the path to arable purposes.  So far I've:

  • dug the lawn side, 
  • taken out all the baby trees, 
  • demolished the shed and thrown out the junk, 
  • cut the ivy right back,
  • dug out the stinging nettles,
  • repaired the fence (except for the little hole where George, the dog, enjoys nasal meetings with next door's dogs),  
  • stained the fence a browny-orangey-red (so that it reflects the corresponding wavelengths of light at my plants),
  • built a Strawbrary,
  • and chopped down the dead and diseased parts of the tree in the back left:

Today, and for the next fortnight, I'll be forking and weeding the lawn.  I'll have to replant the whole damn thing in September, but it'll be worth it next Summer.  This blog will be updated as and when I do stuff of note in the garden.  

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