Thursday, 16 August 2012

Results Day

Went back to college as a mature student and now I've learned that I've passed all my A-Levels.  There'll be no digging today.  I'm in my comfiest clothes, sat with a pepperoni pizza from Angelo's up on the Heath Road, listening to old rock and contemplating university.  Natural sciences is a certainty, but beyond that it's all just so much "what if..."  Do I take Biology?  Anatomy and Physiology?  Geology?  Palaeontology?  I have time yet to weigh this decision.

In the meantime, I leave you with Queen:

And tomorrow, I DIG!


  1. Well done! As you say, you've got plenty of time to think about it. Maybe if you can, see if you can do a couple of short courses at Open or Birkbeck to get a taster for the subjects. There's often funding for them too.

    I imagine you might be enjoying a couple of beers too...?

    1. There might be ale involved. And speaking of ale, how was it? My lot got tipped in anger so I've not had a pint yet.

      Edit: sod beer, I've just remembered I've got some mead stashed away that a mate brought back from Copenhagen. It's stronger than wine, in fact it's damn near a brandy! I suspect tomorrow I shall need a biologist to remind me of what species I am. Until then...

    2. It was good. :) Still got a bit left (the summer was less alcoholic than expected).

    3. I think I've killed my faculty for abstract reasoning. I also seem to be having a harder time accessing French.

  2. Geology! (I'm biased)

    I took three years out between A Levels and university - it took me that long to realise that I wanted to do uni for me, and not to make the college look good. In the interim I did a few things.. trained to be a plumber, had my first few jobs, learned Arabic, got an allotment.. All of which helped my uni application, because I had more 'life experience' than people straight from college.

    Definitely take your time! Geology is a broad subject - I have a geochemistry tutor who is actually a chemist by training but she sort of fell into geochem. I'm doing single hons geology, but at one point wanted to specialise in palaeo. Now, I want to go into mineral exploration!