Monday, 6 May 2013

Busy weekend, pt. 3

Picked up three big sacks of organic, peat-free compost for twelve quid the lot and put my spuds in.  The early crop were potted about a week before my first attempt at putting the beds in, but then I broke my good hand and couldn't work.  Then we had a mini Winter.  As a result the early crop potatoes were badly, badly in need of planting out.

Two sacks of compost in as a base layer, plus some mycorrhizal fungus and a little bonemeal.  

 Early crop - Estima

Salad crop - Charlotte

Maincrop - King Edward

All buried now, and the earlies got a triple thick coat to catch up with their ridiculously long stems.  

Potaters gonna potate!

And so shall I, with a mug of cider รก la shed.  

Next weekend I'll be putting in the allium bed, possibly broad beans too :)

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